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Always wanting to try something different, ACYOC hosted their first Backgammon Tournament on Friday, September 10th at Setrak Kalpakian Hall. ACYOC greatly appreciated the attendance of our community members and the generous donations. The purpose of the event was simply to create a friendly atmosphere for our community members and create a bond amongst them. As promised, there was a door prize draw right before the tournament began. Congratulations to the Sarkees family for winning the prize!
Armenian coffee and variety of desserts were served before the tournament began. While the lovely ladies watched Armenian TV and played cards, the competition began for the competitors. The following community members along with Father Keghart Garabedian were in the competition: Petros Shabanian, Vartan Vartanian, Edvard Grigoryan, Hagop Kalpakian, Varoujan Sarkees, Alvina Grigoryan and Aris Grigoryan. The winners of the first round moved on the second round while the eliminated cheered on for their favorite players. Second round competitors were Hagop and Edvard, Derhair and Varoujan. Unfortunately for Hagop and Derhair, the luck of rolling the perfect dice was not on their side. It was up to Furgeen and Edvard to win the gift card from The Keg and a certificate for the 1st place winner. While the intense competition was going on, ACYOC members were also playing a card game of their own…Spoons. Vasken Kassardjian, Shiraz Kassardjian, Aris Grigoryan, Alvina Grigoryan, Maryam Garabedian, Nyiri Karakas, Aramazd Gharapetian and Silva Sarkees were ACYOC members who attended the event along with other youth from our community.

At 10:00pm, the close match came to an end and Varoujan Sarkees was crowned as the winner! Congratulations to all participants and we thank you all participating. ACYOC is planning to host another Backgammon competition in the near future and is hoping for more community members to attend the event.

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  1. Alvina says:

    For this event, please bring in your own backgammon.

    Also, please email( your first and last name for the sign up sheet. We will do random selection at 6:30pm so no one knows who they will be playing.

    The winner will get a certificate and a prize :D. Please invite your family and friends for a night of fun and great Armenian coffee and desserts. Thanks!

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