Armenian Genocide Memorial 97th Anniversary Commemoration

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On Sunday, April 22 2012 BC’s Armenian Community members of St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church of BC and St.Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church jointly commemorated the 97th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Empire and the Young Turks government, between 1890 – 1923.
After the Divine Liturgy a memorial reception “MADAGH” was offered at Lazarian Hall.
During the reception the BC Premier Christy Clark offered her speech and condolences to all Armenians.
On Genocide Commemoration Day Tuesday, April 24 2012 at 6:00 pm a special Requiem Service was offered at Genocide “KHACHKAR” Monument at St. Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church , where the members of the community offered their respect in memory of 1500000 Armenian Martyrs.
After the Commemoration at Setrak Kalpakian Hall a reception was served by the LG of the Church.

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