5th Annual “Button Soup” Fundraiser for CFFA

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It has become a great tradition for our St Nerses Shnorthali School students to prepare

our Annual “Button Soup” fundraiser. We are very pleased to announce that with the help and generous support of our community members we were able to fundraise on November 12th, 2017 enough to be able to sponsor three CFFA families this year.
This event has become a great tradition for our school as it teaches them the moral of the story “Button Soup” and joy of giving and sharing.
Every year our principle Hasmik Hovhannisyan dedicates a class for card making and helps our students prepare handmade Christmas cards for the CFFA children. This pen palling is a great way to show the children of needy families living in the villages of Vayots Dzor that we always think of them and they are always in our hearts and prayers. Receiving our Christmas Greeting Cards is as valuable as receiving our monetary gifts to each CCFA sponsored child.
Since 2015 the Armenian Diocese of Canada has been focusing on supporting the children of needy families living in the villages of the region of Vayots Dzor , at the border with Naktichevan. Our Sunday School decided to restart the tradition of being a CFFA sponsor. In 2015 we sponsored one family in Vayots Dzor. Last year we were able to sponsor two families and this year the number increased to three families. We can only wish that with the support from our community, we will be able to continue this great tradition and increase the number of families we sponsor in future.

ST. Nerses Shnorahli Sunday School

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