Mher Avanesyan lost his both arms in an electric accident when he was 7 years old … read more about Mher
Having spoken with several experts on prosthetic from different countries, Mher realized that, in his case, installing prosthetic arm(s) would be an expensive project with a small chance of even basic functionality.
The only occupation where Mher could have dreamed of was running a farm in his village Mokhratagh in the Martakert region of Karabakh. To start that business he needed to invest somewhat around $6,000 USD. But the financial situation of his family became devastating after Mher’s Father – the main source of income of their household, passed away in 2009.
In 2010, our community organized by St.Vartan Armenian Apostolic Church of BC, Canada raised approximately $6,000 that helped Mher start his own farm.
Here are Mher’s words:
“My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I can not find words to express how much I appreciate your help. I was dreaming about my own farm throughout my life and now my dream became a reality. I finally feel independence, I am earning my bread by myself. Thank you all very much for your kindness. God bless you.”