St Nerses Shnorhali Sunday School’s Summer “Hye” Camp

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Our summer camp started on July 31st, 2017 for three days and was a huge success.

We had twenty participants and nine camp volunteers. The camp’s leader was Lusine White, who has 14 years of camp leader experience in Armenia. Her enthusiastic leadership spread to all participants. Our three day camp program included various Armenian religious, cooking, music and art classes.
Our Camp days would start with a prayer and religious class taught by our dear pastor, Archpriest, Rev. Father Keghart Garabedian. Afterwards, the participants would have a tasty nutritious morning snack followed by music class taught by Tatev Aroyan. After music class, they would play indoor games with Lusine White. Cooking class was taught by master Chef Hagop Attarmigir and ended by our camp members enjoying a delicious lunch. Later, they would go outdoors to play competitive games and earn points which would transfer into coupons to be used in the daily mini market.
Art class was taught by Greta Baxrmyan, an experienced Art teacher from Yerevan. During our art classes our participants painted Mount Ararat and the Armenian Flag. They also made Armenian candle holders and key chains. All of the art work will be displayed at Setrak Kalpakian Hall on August 13th,2017 after Divine Liturgy and the Blessing of the Grapes.
We are very excited to have organized this short but very memorable camp. The camp members had lots of fun and made new friendships. The end of camp was bittersweet as the children were saddened the program was ending but were excited about participating again next year.
We are thrilled to announce that we will offer a full week of summer camp in July 2018, and we welcome new participants in joining the fun as we are extending our program to include field trips and outings.

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